Tablieh Construction Company, having an extensive and illustrious background in the construction of infrastructure civil projects, with the goal of enhancing its technical, engineering, and administrative capacities, as well as boosting client satisfaction has established a quality management system based on ISO 900 I :2008 standard. To this end, the company management, with due consideration to continuous improvement of its activities and achievement of lasting standard quality, emphasizes the realization of the following general objectives:

  • Utilization of expert and qualified personnel in all fields.
  • Expanding the company activities in various fields both inside and outside the country .
  • Proper utilization of modern  management systems for increased productivity and continuous improvement.
  • Increasing the level of satisfaction of the clients by the timely execution of the works and adherence to the technical specifications.
  • Optimum utilization of existing company resources.

All of the company personnel are responsible for the proper execution of this policy and the realization of the above-mentioned goals and the respective annual quality programs. The Management Representative is responsible for the overall supervision of the quality management system and the assurance of its effectiveness, as well as providing the required management reports for the revision and improvement of the system.

A.M. Amirebrahimi
President and CEO