One of the highest concrete dams in the series of cascade dams on Karun River, Karun 3 has been constructed with the intention of utilizing the hydroelectric potential of the melting snows of the Zagros Mountain Range in Western Iran. Besides the 2280 MW power generation capacity, the large dam reservoir provides the means for storage of large seasonal floods in order to supply the regular water flow necessary for the power generation of downstream dams.

The reservoir and the spectacular arch bridge crossing have also turned into a beautiful tourist attraction area in the region. Tablieh was responsible for the construction of the tail pond dam, plunge pool, slope protection and stabilization, thrust blocks, as well as concreting of the tailrace tunnels.

LocationKhuzestan Province
ClientIran Water & Power Resources Development Co.
ConsultantMahab Ghodss-Acres (Canada)

Plunge Pool, Tail Pond Dam, Tailrace Tunnel, 
Bifurcation & Penstocks, Left Thrust Block 

Scope of work:
Concrete707,132 m3
Formwork123,300 m2
Reinforcement25,590 Tons
Rock Bolting, Anchoring & Doweling130,000 m