Pumped Storage Power Plant

As the very first hydroelectric project of this type in Iran, Siah Bishe Pumped Storage Power Plant is constructed on the Chalus River north of Tehran in order to both produce 1000 MW of hydroelectric power, and provide a reliable consumer for the national grid at times of over-generation. Tablieh is responsible for all the underground works of the project including the various caverns, tunnels, and two extremely complicated 500m long inclined pressure shafts.

LocationMazandaran Province
ClientIran Water & Power Resources Development Co.
Colenco (Swiss)
Scope of work:
Under Ground Excavation 562,000 m3
Open Air Excavation 689,000 m3
Concrete Lining & Structures 182,000 m3
Tunnels & Adits11,230 m
Permanents & Temporary Roads25,000 m

Powerhouse Cavern Dimensions:
Size: 131 (L) m×24.5 (W) m×42.9 (H) m
Transformer Cavern Dimensions:
Size: 161(L) m×16(W) m×28(H) m

Inclined Pressure Shafts(67 °):
2Nos. D=6.6m L=503m
Surge Shaft:
2Nos.D=7.8m L=72m
Surge Tank:
2Nos. D=21.6m H= 21m