The Bagh-e-honar Project, with a land area of 47,000 square meters, is one of the numerous urban cultural projects currently under construction in the greater Abbas Abad Area in North Central Tehran. The Project has been designed based on the traditional Persian Garden concept, and has been chosen to represent the rich cultural heritage of the country in its various components. The five main buildings of the complex consist of the Mosighi, Naghsh, kushk, Memari and Sher Houses, which are interconnected via the central Persian Garden.

LocationTehran Province
ClientNowsazi Abbas Abad Company
ConsultantNaghsh o Nazar Consulting Engineers
Scope of work:
Yard Works30,000 m2
Building Works14,400 m2
Poetry House1,500 m2
Architectural House4,000 m2
Kushk House2,700 m2
Painting House3,200 m2
Music House3,000 m2