Tablieh Construction Co. has proven itself at the forefront, in the Hydro sector. We have diversified our construction capabilities to build and serve the entire segment: Dams, Barrages, Underground Power Stations, Surface Power Stations along with Water conductor Systems like Surge Shafts, Pressure Shafts and Penstocks are all now part of the Tablieh repertoire



Hydro Power Plants is the driving force behind Iran’s new economic growth, and Tablieh is committed to empower growth and support long-term stability. Tablieh Co. has been in the forefront of construction of Hydro Power projects and has built over 30% of Iran’s hydro power generation capacity.


Industrial Projects

Tablieh’s tireless efforts to become the best in oil refinery construction have borne fruitful results in Iran. Tablieh has been involved in many of high-ranking Oil & gas projects in south Pars (Assaluyeh) in cooperation with international companies. Tablieh has also been active in the petrochemical and gas plant sector to respond to the market trend change with gas emerging as the major fuel for the future. Right now Tablieh is in charge of all Civil & building works in Persian Gulf Star Gas Condensate Refinery.



Tablieh Construction Company has maintained its position as a national leader in rapid tunneling technology for over 35 years in Iran. Tablieh was the first contractor in the Iran to mine hard rock with a Tunnel Boring Machine. Tablieh Construction Co. has executed over 90 kms of tunneling work in Iran, the maximum tunneling work ever by any construction company in the Middle East



Tablieh has been building large and complex structures for the last 35 years, known for taking giant strides in technology and innovation. In Tablieh, we have decades of experience in handling a wide array of residential, commercial, and industrial building projects.


Design & Build Projects

The engineering and construction industry has undergone significant changes during the recent 20 years. One important factor that has affected both government funded and private investment projects, in the Middle East region, is the increase in engineering and construction project delivery methods: Design-Build, Engineering, Procurement and Construction, Build – Operate – Transfer,Procurement and Construction, as well as Turnkey projects.

Tablieh Construction Co. will continue to grow its successful construction operations whilst expanding its alternative project delivery capabilities by acquiring and executing an increasing number of such projects