Seymareh Dam & Hydropower Plant Project is located on the Seymareh River in Western Iran, some 37 KM from the city of Dareh Shahr in Ilam Province. The concrete powerhouse structure, with an annual energy production of 595 GWh, was awarded by the Iran Water and Power Development Company (IWPC) to the Consortium of Farab–Tablieh–Parhoon Tarh as the EPC contractor. The design works were carried on by the Swiss firm Poyry in a subcontract with the FTP consortium.

Powerhouse Dimensions (3 vertical axes 160 MW Francis units)

Size: 97.70(L)m ×51.65(H)m ×57.15(W)m

LocationIlam Province
ClientIran Water & Power Resources Development Co.
ConsultantMahab Ghodss Consulting Engineers
Scope of work:
Open Air Excavation60,000 m3
Concrete70,000 m3
Reinforcement3,500 Tons
Formwork48,000 m2