This run-of-the-river dam is located on the famous Karun River some 160 km from the provincial capital, Ahwaz. As one of the cascade dams on Karun, the main objective of the project is generation of 2000 MW of hydroelectric power, while the relatively small reservoir is sufficient for the provision of potable water for the adjacent city of Masjed-e-Soleyman.

Tablieh, as the leading member of the Tablieh–Perlite Joint Venture was responsible for over 80% of the project civil works (both above and underground) in the context of various subcontracts from the Korean-Japanese main contractors, the Daelim–Sato Joint Venture.

LocationKhuzestan Province
ClientIran Water & Power Resources Development Co.
ConsultantNippon Koei (Japan) -Moshanir-
Lahmeyer International (Germany)
Main contractorDaelim-Sato Joint Venture

Plunge Pool, Tail Pond Dam, Tailrace Tunnel, 
Bifurcation & Penstocks, Left Thrust Block 

Scope of work:
Dam Height177 m
Crest Length497 m
Concrete1,100,000 m3
Excavation21,230,000 m3
Embankment14,000,000 m3
Reinforcement45,000 Tons