This 23 km long water transmission tunnel is the third such tunnel in the region (the first was completed in the 1930’s, and the second in the 1980’s) to transmit up to 255 million cubic meters of water from one of the branches of the famous Karun River to the arid central plains of Iran. The tunnel passes through some extremely complicated geological features such as seismic faults and karstic reservoirs with overburdens of up to 1300 meters.

Tablieh as the Main Contractor has utilized a variety of excavation techniques such as Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM), road headers, and drill and blast with a maximum progress rate of 266 meters per month.

LocationChahar Mahal Bakhtiari Province
ClientEsfahan Regional Water Board
ConsultantZayand Ab Consulting Engineers
Scope of work:
Tunnel length (D=4.1m)23,409 m
Adits length3,900 m
Excavation by TBM246,000 m3
Excavation by Drilling and blasting270,000 m3
Excavation by road header42,000 m3
Concrete280,000 m3
Reinforcement16,000 ton