This 78m high concrete gravity dam on the Shakardara River in Afghanistan is located some 22km from the city of Kabul. The dam with a 60m wide three-bay spillway is mainly geared towards provision of irrigation water flood control and reliable year-round water supply and hydro power production.

Tablieh as aleader of the Tablieh-Parhoon Tarh Joint Venture is the main contractor of the project in a Design-Build contract in which the design services are provided by Alborz Sazeh Company.

LocationAfghanistan, Kabul Province
ClientMinistry of Energy and Water of Afghanistan
ConsultantParsconsult Consulting Engineers
Scope of Work
Dam Hight78m
Dam Crest Lenght303 m
Dam Concrete 333,000 m3
Excavation 80,000 m3
Access Road 6 km

Concrete Dam, Power Intake Structure & powerhouse
Dam Type: RCC ( Roller Compacted Concrete)
Powerhouse 21×10.1 m, 2 units each of 600 KW