Tablieh Construction Company was incorporated in 1973 as a building and road construction contractor in Iran. With a commitment to its mission statement and pursuing its vision, Tablieh successfully completed 17 construction projects during the first five years of its life. Tablieh, once a small construction company, grew rapidly to become a reputable company, well-qualified to undertake heavy civil projects. With a new focus on hydropower projects during the 1980′s, Tablieh added a water treatment plant, a raw water transmission tunnel, and a diversion dam to its journal of success. The current outstanding stage of Tablieh’s life started in 1991 by constructing the monumental Tajan dam and its timely completion in 1997.

The success story of this project soon attracted other clients and Tablieh continued to exceed their expectations, as well. Masjed-E-Soleyman Hydro-Electric Power Project, the highest rock fill dam in Iran at the time, and Karun III Development Project, with more than 600,000 m^3 of concrete placed in less than 20 months, are two other successful projects that have been completed by Tablieh. At the same time, Tablieh started out its industrial division mostly in oil & gas plants such as the civil works in Phases 6,7&8 of South Pars Gas Field and civil & building works of the Ethyl Benzene Plant of the 9th Olefin Complex. Today’s Tablieh, an acknowledged heavy construction industry leader in Iran, owes its reputation to its executives’ exceptional leadership, its managers’ unique skills, and its personnel’s devotion and commitment to excellence and quality.

Tablieh is currently involved in a diverse range of large scale civil projects, such as the 23km-long Kouhrang III water tunnel , Siah Bisheh pumped storage power plant, Shahriar double curvature concrete dam,  Isfahan cable tunnel, etc. Relying on its valuable resources and the experience gained during the past four decades, Tablieh will continue to actively participate in dam and hydropower as well as oil & gas projects and will remain a heavy construction leader in Iran. Tablieh is also active in other business and geographic areas throughout the world, and has formed subsidiaries and joint ventures specializing in various industries such as hydropower, oil & gas, mass building construction, etc.